Hygiene is a big  requirement for most schools, here is a paragraph of school hygiene protoc0l!

Dirty GIs (Uniforms) can carry a lot of bacteria. Some might wonder why it is even necessary to speak to this. Doesn’t everyone keep their GI fresh and clean for every workout? Knee pads and wraps? They don’t, and we found over time many people simply were not aware of this aspect of working in Academies. Some come from other sports where you don’t have the consideration for ongoing hygiene protocol; at most you simply throw your socks and trunks in the wash.  Others are younger single people who don’t have anyone else to remind them. GIs and all accessories like pads should be washed after every workout. But they should also be aired and allowed to dry out after the workout if not immediately washed. One of the worst things you can do is get a GI soaked during a workout and then put it in an athletic bag overnight and not allows it to air out. Single guys are notorious for that. Some leave the wet GI in the bag and the bag is in the trunk of their car for two days. It makes cleaning them much more difficult after that; and is why some GIs get “old” way before they should. Having more than one or two GIs is best because you reduce wear and it is then easier to have each GI (Uniform) cleaned and maintained properly

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