Jiu-Jitsu Parent: Being Prepared

Being Prepared

Being prepared means making sure your child gets to class on time, in a clean Gi, ready to go.  You know how it feels when you’re late to an appointment, when you’re fumbling with your phone or when you’ve forgotten something?  It sucks and it keeps you from focusing on the task at hand, right?.  Well, the same is true with your child’s training so make sure they are prepared for every class and try to not to put them in tenuous situations which can ultimately lead to stress.  Specifically, being prepared means making sure your child gets to class on time, in a clean gi, ready to go, with plenty of time to change and be on the mats.  Just as in life, proper hygiene is essential in Jiu-jitsu as well.  It’s especially important when your kids are going to be rolling around with someone else.  You want the other kids clean with nails clipped, so make sure your kid shows up that way as well.  When the instructor is ready to begin class, just as our gi should be clean, your child should be clean too.  Last, you should make sure there’s fuel in your child’s tank.  It’s okay for them to have a light, healthy snack before class but avoid junk food, heavy foods or big meals. THIRTY MINUTES EARLY IS BETTER THAN ONE MINUTE LATE.

By Deb Blyth – Jiu-Jitsu Magazine

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