Jiu-Jitsu Parents: Going To Class

Most schools will have an area for parents and spectators to hang out while the instructor teaches class. Some parents prefer to drop their kids off for class but I definitely recommend sticking around and being there to support your child.  By supporting them, I don’t mean coaching them.  Leave that to the instructor.  If you should see something you aren’t sure of or a situation that doesn’t seem correct, save it for AFTER class and talk to the instructor privately, outside the presence of your child.

In jiu-jitsu, as with any physical activity, there may be injuries.  If it looks like your child is injured or begins to shed a tear, don’t panic. Most kid-related jiu-jitsu injuries are minor and will most likely be fine. It’s important to let the instructor handle the issue.  If the injury appears to be more serious, the instructor will let you know and have you come for the child. Some kids have the ability to brush off injuries with little attention. Others see it as an opportunity to get ice cream on the way home.  No matter what, it’s best to let them learn how to deal with the bumps and bruises on the mats.  However if it appears to be serious, our first course of action is to seek medical attention right away.

When your child is training, whether it be drilling a technique or sparring, it’s important to remember that all kids on the mats are your child’s teammates.  If you feel the need to speak up, bring only encouraging words to the table and refrain from coaching.  This may be especially hard if you yourself are a student of jiu-jitsu.  And/or if your school has a Family Class that you participate in, be sure to help all the kids in the class, not just your own.

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