Jiu-Jitsu Parent: You Get It

Every Kid should be allowed to have fun and enjoy Jiu-Jitsu!

The more you become a part of your child’s jiu-jitsu journey the more you’ll begin to understand the points being addressed here. You’ll be encouraging and support your child. He or she will probably put enough pressure on himself or herself that they don’t need more from you.

If you don’t compete in jiu-jitsu and are unsure about this concept, put on a gi and go out and compete against someone. If you’ve personally felt the fear and anxiety that can come from having to compete against another “mano y mano”, you would better understand the need for competition to be serious but fun.  For those who compete often, who love it, and who expect the same from their child, remember that we all are wired differently.  Some people love to compete while others may have an inborn fear of competitions.  For these it may take time and a variety of experiences until they become comfortable with competing.  As many black belts will attest, the more one competes, the easier it becomes over time so, above all, be patient with your child.

As with any sport or activity, some kids will take to things with more intensity than others but every kid should be allowed to have fun and enjoy jiu-jitsu.  Be supportive and encouraging of your child whether their goal is to be a future black belt world champion or just to hang out with their friends. It’s all-good no matter how you look at it.

By Deb Blyth – Jiu-Jitsu Magazine

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