Jiu-Jitsu Parent: 15 Tips to Being the Best

15 Tips for Being th Best Jiu-Jitsu Parent

1. Be encouraging.

2. Stay calm.

3. Don’t fret over bumps and bruises.

4. Help your kids be prepared.

5. Let the instructor do the coaching.

6. Lead by example.

7. Help them avoid junk food and encourage healthy diet.

8. Remember your commitments to them.

9. Don’t push too hard.

10. If you have a compliment or a complaint, bring it to the instructor. Don’t burden your child with it.

11. Focus on the positives.

12. At tournaments remember it’s about them, not you.

13. Don’t argue with the refs.

14. Don’t do anything that would make your kid not want to go to Jiu-Jitsu class.

15. Jiu-Jitsu for kids should be fun. Don’t forget that.


By Deb Blyth – Jiu-Jitsu Magazine

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