This Month – Dec. 2018

Character Concept:

  • Charity – The voluntary giving of time and money to those in need.


Buy In/Self Defense:

  • Attacks under the arms from front and behind


Take Downs:

  • Take Down Review
  • Shots, Sprawls, Pummels, Arm Drags, Duck Unders


BJJ Technique:

  • Guard Bottom
  • Position & Control
  • Sweeps
  • Submission
  • Variations – Spider, Butterfly etc.



  • We will be CLOSED December 22-Jan.1, 2019  for the Holiday
  • Charles Gracie Seminar – Friday,  January 25th Kids 4:430pm & Adults 6:00pm
  • Charles Gracie Invitational – April 6, 2019 (The team is going down)

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