July Happenings

Word of the Month:

Loyalty – Being faithful to what you believe in.

Self Defense:

Shoulder Grab from Behind

Take Down:

Knee Drop Ippon Seoi Nage – (one arm shoulder throw)

BJJ Technique:

Heavy Drilling & Grappling


Charles Gracie Seminar/ Promotion:

  • Truckee – July 26th 4:30pm-Kids, 6:00pm Adults
  • Reno – July 27th 11:00am- Kids


BJJ Tournaments:

  • September 21 – Kids No GI
  • September 22 – Ladies Only (Gi)

Refreee/Scorekeep/Competition Training:

This training is a requirement for upper belts. Kids with a white w/ Yellow and up and Truckee Adults purple and up. Please make as many as you can so we are ready for the Fall Tournament Series.

All are welcome to participate in Reno:

  • Family Class 11-12 – 1/2 hr Gi Drilling, 1/2hr No Gi Drilling
  • Comp Class 12-1 : Mock Matches – practice being a referee, scorkeeping, & competing.

The Dates are as Follows:

  • 7/13, 7/20, 8/3, 8/10, 8/17

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