Academy Etiquette

Academy Etiquette procedures are set in place in order to ensure safety, and cultivate the optimal learning environment. The Academy Etiquette is designed in order to ensure professionalism, respect, discipline and accountability.

  1. Bow to the center of the mat when you enter or exit the mat area.
  2. Always greet the Instructor upon entering the mat area.
  3. Classes begins with students lined up in belt order and bowing in.
  4. Classes end with the students lined up in belt order and a formal bow out to the instructor and then to Grand Master Carlos Gracie.
  5. During class always stay focused when the instructor is demonstrating/explaining technique.
  6. Refer to all Black Belt Instructors as “Professor” and to Master Charles Gracie as “Master”
  7. When a Black Belt steps on the mat for the first time during a training session. THe highest ranking belt on the mat announces “Black Belt on the Mat”. All students stop what they are doing, line up and shake the hand of the black belt as a sign of respect.
  8. The belt must be tied at all times. When tying your Belt, face away from your instructor.
  9. The Belt represents your rank, higher marked belts have priority.
  10. It is customary that the instructor and/or higher belts invite (not be asked by) lower belts, to spar.
  11. Out of respect to the instructor and other students, if you are late, you cannot just jump into the class. Wait by the side of the mat until permission is given by the instructor.
  12. If you need to leave the mat or leave earlier, ask permission from the professor.
  13. Bow and shake hands to your partner before and after practice; during drills and sparring time. Bow and hake hands initially as a sign of mutual respect.
  14. Talking should be kept to a minimum level and should relate to the class subject.
  15. Keep a respectful posture i the Academy. Absolutely no foul language!
  16. Both finger and toe nails must be short, long hair tied back and hands and feet clean at all times.
  17. All students must wear the required Charles Gracie uniform unless permission is granted. Uniforms must be free of rips, tears, holes, stains, and bad smells. The uniform pants and top must be the same color.
  18. It is mandatory for female students to wear a t-shirt or rash guard underneath the GI at all times.
  19. All metal objects, jewelry, piercings, necklaces or other such items must be removed while training.
  20. No shoes, food or drinks are ever allowed on the mat.
  21. If you have injuries or health concerns, notify the instructor & know your limits.
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