TOURNAMENT TEAM PRACTICE !!!!!! Starting February 18th Tournament Practice will begin. Kids 4:00-5:15 During the regularly scheduled Friday class time, we will be going over Competition Training in preparation for the upcoming Tournament on April 2nd, hosted by US at the Community Recreation Center. Adults 6:30-7:30 Competition Training will include, strategies, practice as a competitor,Continue reading “TOURNAMENT PRACTICE COMMENCES 01-18-11”


Hygiene is a big  requirement for most schools, here is a paragraph of school hygiene protoc0l!  WASH YOUR GI (UNIFORM) FREQUENTLY!   Dirty GIs (Uniforms) can carry a lot of bacteria. Some might wonder why it is even necessary to speak to this. Doesn’t everyone keep their GI fresh and clean for every workout? Knee pads andContinue reading “SCHOOL HYGEINE!!!!!!”

Charles Gracie Invitational Tournament

  The Charles Gracie Invitational competition is now scheduled for Saturday, October 30th,   in the Main Gym of Kimball High School located at 3200 Jaguar Run, Tracy, California 95377. I  want every student to know that I strongly urge all the students in the Charles Gracie Network to participate in this event. Though the competition level isContinue reading “Charles Gracie Invitational Tournament”

Congratulations Lake Tahoe Competitors!

Competition Review Friday – March 26th – 6PM Healthy Eating Potluck! – Whole Foods/Homemade!    LAKE TAHOE OPEN – 031310 WEST COAST TEAM CHALLENGE  RESULTS Team Cia Paulista B (Sacramento) – 1st Place Freestyle Girls (Reno) – 2nd Place Team Quest B (Redding) – 3rd Place This “Fight For Haiti Fundraiser” was a well attended event withContinue reading “Congratulations Lake Tahoe Competitors!”