Team Quest Results

Congratulations to all those who compete on May 15th in Redding at the Team Quest Invitational Tournament!

Jasmine Harris – Gold Medal

Keegan Hassell Cramer- Bronze Medal

Kelley Luchs – Silver Medal

Andrew Ariensen – Silver Medal

Marshall Whelen – Silver Medal

Jon Matia – Gold Medal

Adam  Robb –  Bronze Medal

Congratulations Lake Tahoe Competitors!

Competition Review Friday – March 26th – 6PM

Healthy Eating Potluck! – Whole Foods/Homemade! 




Team Cia Paulista B (Sacramento) – 1st Place

Freestyle Girls (Reno) – 2nd Place

Team Quest B (Redding) – 3rd Place

This “Fight For Haiti Fundraiser” was a well attended event with over 200 competitors, and 700 in attendance. Thanks to help from the participants, spectators and the community, we were able to raise almost $2000 for Doctors Without Borders in support of Haiti.

Lake Tahoe Open Kid’s Divisions – Fighting For Haiti!

Congrats to all who competed and learned something about themselves, their jiu-jitsu and competition.

Thank you all for honoring the integrity of the sport, our team and our tournament!  All that was accomplished could not have been so with out the team effort!

Our Academy Podium Placements:

Bodi Loughner 1st

Connor Bullion 2nd

Blaise Bibolet 2nd

Airon Yarbrough 2nd

Bradley Razzo 2nd

Jeneatte Guzman 2nd

Joe Stokes 2nd

Jaehlan Garcia 2nd

Jody Dobberphul 3rd

Maya Kraus 3rd

Sergio Rubio 3rd

Adam Robb 3rd

Mike Guzman 3rd

Congratulations New Belts!

Congratulations to all those who received a belt promotion at the last Charles Gracie Seminar!

Please note:  Between now and the Lake Tahoe Open on March 13th we will be offering a Free Friday Night – Competition Class from 6:00-7:00pm.

Seminar 01/23/10 – Adults
Charles Gracie Seminar 01/23/10 – Kids

Competition Review

Thank You Gary Grate Black Belt for an awesome class Friday night!

It was an awesome night of rolling and watching video footage from last year’s competitions.  Our Jiu-Jitsu Family has much to be proud of.

Class & Competition Video Review Party Yr 2009

WE WILL BE OPEN MONDAY  in honor of MARTIN LUTHER KING JR., see you on the mat.

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