Jiu-Jitsu for Strength, Confidence & Safety
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What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a non-striking, performance based martial art, specifically designed to control and subdue an opponent of greater size and strength by using principles of leverage and technique.

What makes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu unique?
Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has emerged above all others as the single most effective means of self-defense, offering technique on the ground, which is where most real altercations end up.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will give you the necessary tools to protect yourself in the most common type of assaults and street confrontations.

Practitioners in this physical game of chess, develop a “Jiu-Jitsu Mindset”, one that focuses sequentially on (1) Safety (2) Position and (3) Submission.

The focus of Jiu-Jitsu is very simple:
To enable a person to defeat an opponent regardless of their size and without the need to use excessive force and brutality.

About the Charles Gracie Academy in Truckee/Tahoe:
Instruction at the Charles Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy of Truckee/Tahoe is open to men, women, and children, regardless of physical condition, age or past experience. The training we provide at our academy will surely help practitioners improve their physical condition and ground fighting skills. The Truckee/Tahoe Academy teaches children discipline, self-confidence, consideration for others and self-respect. Kids will learn how to effectively defend themselves, should the need arise. We also teach kids to use their skills responsibly. At the Academy, we seek to help our students develop on and off the mat.

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to empower people. This has been the Gracie Family mission for over 80 Years and is our reason for teaching others. We will provide each and everyone on our team, the training, support, experience and commitment, necessary to perform at the highest level. We want to earn the trust and loyalty of all our students and improve the community and world that we live in.

Jiu-Jitsu for Strength, Confidence and Safety!